Currently based in Vancouver, Ko Júbilo is an award winning Canadian designer dealing

in the scale of space and object with the intent of achieving a quality balance of both

function and aesthetics. His appreciation for object and craft stems from observing the work

of his grandfather who was a skilled carpenter, while problem solving and design sensibilities

were engrained in him early on by his father who is an architect. This amalgamation of both

craft and design continues to inform his process whether he is physically sculpting materials

or etching new forms and innovative ideas onto paper. With a background in industrial

design, holding a degree from Emily Carr University, Ko has gained further insight working

for highly respected and award winning design studios both locally and internationally.

     Upon graduation, Ko was hired by molo after completing a successful co-op placement

and worked as a designer at Forsythe + MacAllen's studio in Vancouver for a number of

years, helping refine and develop pioneering concepts and designs such as their

celebrated Soft line of products. Fortunate enough to be also exposed to projects such as

the critically acclaimed Nebuta House Museum in Aomori, Japan, Ko also developed a

deeper appreciation for architectural detail as well as a further understanding of the

importance of spatial awareness.

     Seeking to gain experience abroad, in 2010, Ko eventually landed in London at the

renowned studio of Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby. Besides having the opportunity to work

on projects for well-established brands, Ko was also extremely fortunate to be part of the

design team that pitched and developed the winning design of the 2012 Olympic Torch.

A challenging task due to its' high profile nature and comprehensive design constraints, 

the torch ultimately proved to be a great success for the London Summer Olympics and

deservingly brought high praise and international recognition to the studio for its' beautifully

executed and thoughtfully considered design.

     Ko Júbilo opened his own atelier in 2015 and continually strives to build his

interdisciplinary design practice on these cultivated experiences. Strategically working

with both local and international clients, Ko has amassed an innovative body of work and

has designed in a diverse range of scales as well as materials, taking pride in the fact that

the majority of the designs he has completed have also seen his hand in the building process. 

His designs reflect an appreciation for detail while respecting the efficient use of materials

and form, yet always seeking to communicate a subtle story to convey feeling. Designing

from his hometown city of Vancouver, he aims to maintain an attitude of integrity, innovation

and rigour in his design work.


/ Internships and Work Experience

Barber & Osgerby (London)

molo (Vancouver)


/ Professional Achievement

Industrial Designer of the Year 2018 Award, Western Living Magazine Designers of the Year (2018)

Award Finalist for Designer of the Year - Industrial Design, Western Living Magazine (2018)

One to Watch Award for Industrial Design, Western Living Magazine Designers of the Year (2017) 

Award Finalist for Designer of the Year - Industrial Design, Western Living Magazine (2017)


/ Scholastic Achievement

Best Soft Product Design Award (ECU) 

Best Pre-Fab Architectural Design Award  (Collab. ECU, UBC)


/ Contact


Instagram: KOJUBILO